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To cruise on the small roads and look for moose and reindeer is great. Our guides will do all they can to find wildlife for you, and we stop and cross the Arctic Circle and have a ceremony there. In winter a great activity is snowmobiling. We do shorter tours in the area or longer day expeditions and cross the arctic circle on the winter trails in the wild. We have also just started hot air ballooning. We are the only ones doing that in arctic scandinavia. Evening launches on theather or day expeditions. In summer fishing in Råne River is a great thing to do, in combination with canoeing or from land. A village walk in Mårdsel is not to be underestimated. Learn about the arctic lifestyle and how people lived before and now, how we heat up our huoses and preserve food over winter. We also do tour with our cars to waterfalls, large and small. Swim in the river in summer, and walk with snowshoes on it in winter.