your room in the wild at aurora safari c

Aurora Safari Camp

A bit downstream Råne River you find Aurora Safari Camp. The first glampsite* in world made for arctic climate. Here you can be totally off grid, but still in comfort. We have heated lavvu rooms (sami tents) a floating sauna that is freezed into the ice in winter and a nice lounge/dining lavvu. It's special feeling to leave road and electric networks and go out here to the deep forest by Råne River and really explore the heart of northernmost Sweden. We have fatbikes, kicksleds, snowshoes and nordic skiis on site for you to use in winter and you can add snowmobiling and husky-sledding on top of that. In summer the sauna is floating and we have kayaks and canoes plus a nice boat to go on excursions with. The camp makes a perfect combination with The Outpost Lodge. Stay here a couple of nights and then come to the lodge.  Maybe travel in between on snowmobiles if winter.